Private Lending

Private Lending for Los Angeles Real Estate Investments


If you are not earning 8%, 10% or even 12% on your money then you are missing a great opportunity in today’s turbulent financial market to explode your wealth owning real estate without Tenants, Toilets and Trouble…



Join us for this free Workshop to learn how to invest your retirement funds such as IRA’s, 401k and other qualified plans into self-directed investments including: real estate trusts deeds, Is your money really safe in stocks and mutual funds?  Imagine the returns your money can earn when it’s invested wisely and directed by you.

You will Learn:        
-What does it mean to be a Private Lender?
-How you can earn 9% -13% on your money every month
-Use your IRA’s, 401K and other plans for investing
-Investing In Alternative Investments